Final Shots

This series of images are the final images from my shoot that I will use in my book. The show a narrative and present a story of domestic violence. I think that the images show a clear narrative, and the order of the images shows the progression of the story. In the first two images we are introduced the the Mother and Father. We see the father as a dominant, intimidating, prominent figure, and the mother looking vulnerable, weak, and scared. These two initial images are here to introduce the characters and get an instant understanding of he roles that the pair play. The next image is a split screen made up of two images, the first being the children of the couple gathered round a dinner table looking rather sad and nervous, the second photograph show the mother and father upstairs after the father has attacked her. We see the mother on the floor in the bathroom looking fearful and vulnerable, and the father standing over her exerting his dominance whilst at the same time looking regretful at what he has just done. The presence of violence is strong without actually showing the act itself. The next pair of images show the father figure dunk, the first photograph shows him drinking and smoking and laughing while the environment around has been made a mess because of his actions, this shows a lack of respect to the house and family. The image following his is the father angrily leaning over the mother at the same able he was previously sitting at. This makes it clear that it is the same evening and the father is still drunk. He leans over the mother as she cowers her head protecting her face. It is clear that she is in danger and that his aggression is increased after alcohol consumption. The next few images show more of the mother and fathers relationship with their children. First of all we see the father sitting alone in a darkened room representing the distancing of himself with his family. Following this we see the father and son in the garden, the son is trying to converse with is father and form some kind of bond, however the father looks away, in his mind he has lost that connection with is kids and he too is scared that his actions may hurt them so he distances himself further. We then see the mother leading her children inside the house as to take them away form his presence. She doesn’t want her children to be affected by their father and tries her hardest to giving them normal, loving, upbringing. After these events we see the father standing over the family as they all sit round the table, the children look sad and disappointed a swell as feeling scared for the safety of their mother. The mother hides her face as she talks with the father. There is then  break in the story that is clear when the images are in book form, we then see the father tucking in the hair of the mother, however she looks anxious and on-edge, the kindness of the father seems fake and like he has an ulterior motive, or are his action just too little too late? the next image in the series is the family sitting around the table at breakfast, the change in clothing and appearance of breakfast bowls show that it is a new day, however the father is still distant from the family and still exerting his romance by standing whilst the rest are seating, this also make step viewer question who much longer this family dynamic can go on for, how much longer can they live in fear of the father and his actions? Image number 12 shows the father leaning over his chair, his head in hanging implying that he fed up and angry, its like he knows that his violence is wrong but he is angry at his family for pushing him away for it. In image 13 we see the couple at breaking point as the both break down at the deterioration of their relationship. We see them both in tears and for the first time we see the father looking vulnerable, but this doesn’t mean that he can keep his anger under control. We then see the father looking out the door as he smokes and considers what he has done and after the realization that their relationship is over,we see the mother collecting and packing her belongings. In the climax of events we seethe family running up the stairs to the bedroom only to find the mother packing her bags.. there is then a blank page in the book to signify censored violence and to build the tension to for the viewer. The next shot we see is the father, hands behind his back, being lead outside. This shot of conformation of the violence that took place when he caught her trying to leave and the extent of his attack was so sever it was breaking point and she put her emotions behind her and finally called he police. We see the mother leading her children away as they look back at the events taking place, an date final image is the mother holding her children in simultaneous relief and heartbreak, they are free from the violence and aggression that he bought, but her husband is gone.

I think that my images are successful in telling the story that I wanted to portray and that the theme of domestic abuse is prominent. In saying this I didn’t want the shots to be too graphic or show the physical acts of violence, the theme of my project is the way in which we unintentionally teach children that domestic abuse is normal, due to this I wanted to violence to but subtle and instead show the underlying affects it has on children. We teach young girls that if boys are mean to them it means they like them and many other unhealthy messages like this. I will present these images within a we’ll known children book to represent the way we as adults teach children to be abusers or abused. We use books to teach children, thats why I used an educational children’s book that is supposed to advance children learning to inhabit my series. The story of abuse being in a children book is a metaphor for the messages that we teach children. Girls are not weaker than boys, girls do not have to be submissive whilst boys dominant, and we would not buy our children a book containing these messages so why do we teach them with our words and actions?

Final Shoot No.1
Final Shoot No.2
Final Shoot No.3
Final Shoot No.4
Final Shoot No.5
Final Shoot No.6
Final Shoot No.7
Final Shoot No.8
Final Shoot No.9
Final Shoot No.10
Final Shoot No.11
Final Shoot No.12
Final Shoot No.13
Final Shoot No.14
Final Shoot No.15
Final Shoot No.16
Final Shoot No.17
Final Shoot No.18
Final Shoot No.19

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