Final Book

The series really comes together when we see it in book form. The images inhabit the pages of a Ladybird book, ‘Key Words, With Peter and Jane, Where we go.’ Below is a full copy of the pages of book, including the images, text and blank pages. The images are those of my series, previously explained, and show a narrative of a family living with domestic abuse. The text that goes alongside the images is made of the original text from the children’s book. I have not added any of my own text, simply manipulated what was already there to alter and change the words to tell my own story. I have used a correctional roller, in the style of Cristina DeMiddel to manipulate the words into a story of domestic abuse. This was to further the concept that we teach children that girls are the weaker sex, that boys are stronger than girls, that if a boy is mean to a girl that means he likes her, that boys shouldn’t ‘be like girls’ in sports or when they show emotion, just the general teaching of gender stereotypes that leads to domestic abuse. The inhabitation of a children book signifies the teaching of these messages. The things that society teaches us as young people are so significant to our upbringing and are so influential to our lives that they are just as important as the things we earn in books. Because of this we may a well teach domestic abuse in our children’s book as it is what they are growing up with anyway. My book is meant to shock and put things into perspective about the message we teach todays children. We wouldn’t teach to abuse in their books so why do we do it in society.

As well as the images and text, there are black, blank pages throughout my book. These page signify a break in the story. They are either there to show a new day, or to represent the to presence of violence. In some cases they build tensions and anticipation, for example the break of page 38 follows the image of the couple at breaking pint and leaves the viewer guessing as to the future of their relationship. The break after page 46 represents the presence of violence and builds tension as we know that the father is about to catch the mother packing her bags to leave him.

I named the book, ‘Trained Injustice, as I feel this represents the message that I want to portray. The whole series is about the way that children are taught gender roles and domestic abuse from a young age. As children we are taught that girls and the weaker sex, that boys are strong and have to like sports and cars, and that girls are weak and have to stay in and lay with dolls. These messages affect them in their adult life and women learn to accept abuse and men learn to abuse their power over women. The phrase ‘Trained Injustice’ represents this, its present the way that we are unintentionally taught these actions, ‘Trained’, and that it is not fair to either gender, we can not control what we are aunt as children, ‘Injustice’.

I have chosen to leave the original front and back covers of the book as they are. I have done this is make it clear to the audience that this is intact a children book and to further reaffirm that we, as society,  are teaching children the wrong message.


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