Shoot-Story Board

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 01.41.05.png
Story Board

This story board shows the images form my shoot that I will use to tell my story. Its tells the story of a family under the control of the father. It demonstrates the effects of domestic abuse on the whole family and portrays a story of freedom for the mother and children. There are scenes of violence, fear, distress and anger. Throughout the story we see the fear in the mother for her own safety and that of her children. It shows a battle between head and heart for the mother, her own fears are buried under her love for her husband and even though she wants to let go, she can’t. The images express the dominating power of the male and how he exerts this over the family. We see the mother nurturing the children and wanting to show them love when the father refuses. The series shows the shifting of emotions as we see the father pushing his family away, by the time he realizes what he’s done its too late and the mother is ready to go. In the book there will be breaks in the images to show either the passing of time or to build tension. We see the mother collecting her belongings and the father catching her do so. There will then be a blank page to show that there was extreme violence, the next scene we see is the father being arrested, after seeing his images it is clear that there has been violence during the blank scene and the story is reaching a climax. The final scenes show the mother cradling her children and leading them away, it is bitter-sweet as the man they love is taken, but they are finally free.


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