Initial Ideas

As this unit is ‘Story Telling’ we have to create a photo book or publication of some kind that tells a narrative. This was something that I found difficult to think of, I found it hard to come up with an idea as to the story I could tell. However after attending some of he workshops I got some inspiration as to what I could do.  The workshop that I felt most inspired by was Ollie Gappers book binding workshop. This was because I realised that the way you put a publication together can give the narrative hidden meanings and connotations, you can also use the bind of your book to tell parts of the story.  I created a mind map of all the ideas I had, this included creating a false narrative of someones life; creating an alter-ego and making it in the style of a diary, using acetate in my book to change images as the pages get turned and creating a narrative this way, printing images onto flaps within my publication with hidden messages underneath, and re-telling a well-known story with a modern twist.

The idea that I decided to go with was the re-telling of an old story. I chose to re-work a well-known children’s book and give it a modern twist. I got the inspiration for this idea by looking at the work of Cristina DeMiddel, Christian Patterson, Alec Soth and Broomberg and Chanarin. All of these artists change and alter publications that have already been made in different ways. For example DeMiddels work, ‘Party’ is a copy of a political book with her own images added into the pages and with the use of tip-ex she has changed the text in the book. She uses this piece as a political statement and I like the way that she changes the words and the meaning of the text with her images and makes the book her own. Broomberg and Chanarin do a similar thing however they are updating a previously made Publication in their work ‘War Primer 2’. The pair used Bertolt Brecht’s ‘War Primer’, 1955, and added their own images over those of Brecht’s. The book compares and contrasts the physicality’s of War in 1955 and War in 2011. Broomberg and Chanarin’s images inhabit the pages of War Primer changing the books contexts and making it their own, War Primer 2. Christian Patterson had a unique way of exploring the town he grew up in in his works ‘Bottom of the Lake’ where he printed his images into the phone book of the town. And Alec Soth added a whole book into a previously made book when he created ‘Broken Manual’  completely changing the meanings of the books he destroyed in the process.







All of these publications have inspired me and I want to use elements of each one to create my own photo book. I will use a well-known tale/story/fable/text and recreate it suit modern life.









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