Cristina DeMiddel

Cristina DeMiddel is a self published, Spanish documentary photographer living in Mexico. Born in 1975, she has a large variety of educational achievements, including an M.A in Photography from the University of Oklahoma that she received in 2000, an M.A in Fine Art that she received from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2001, and a  photojournalism post-graduate degree from Barcelona Autonoma University. In 2006 she joined IV War Correspondents training at the ground forces army school in Madrid, Spain.

DeMiddel has had a very successful photographic career and has had solo exhibitions all over the world from Brazil to Nigeria, Amsterdam, London, Italy, Spain and New York, just to mention a few. She is also the winner of many many awards. She was awarded 2nd place in the Sony World Photography Awards London in 2002, an infinity Award for a Publication in New York In 2013 and for the photo book that I am most interested in, ‘Party’ she won Best International Photobook in Madrid in 2014.

Her book ‘Party’ created in 2013/14 was published by RM/AMC and it explores chinese society and the way in which it has changed. DeMiddel uses a previously published political book “Quotations from Chairman Mao Tsetung”, and changed its meaning by adding in personal images and destructively editing the text using tip-ex. DeMiddel wrote ““If there is to be a revolution there must be a party”. This is how one of the most iconic and politically engaged book of the century would start if we applied an intentional filter. The filter would hide the parts of the slogans and sentences that got eventually obsolete in the last decades and the book is the Little red one: “Quotations from Chairman Mao Tsetung”, the second most printed book in History (after the Bible) but a book that can only be found nowadays in China at some tourist shops. In an attempt to build a documentary object that to pushes the limits of documenting with images, the series “Party” presents a deliberately personal approach to the contemporary Chinese society and adds layers of significance by choosing a loaded platform. Using censorship to erase the parts of the text that are no longer in use in the country´s routine, the resulting pages become a script where the matching images build a series of diptychs that dynamical raise the question of the real nature of Communism in China these days.”


The political message behind DeMiddels ‘Party’ is something that I will take into consideration in my own work, but it is the layout and the way that she has changed the book that interests me the most. I want to use the way that she has changed the text and therefore the meaning behind the text in order to correlate with her images. I want to approach subjects that are modern day issues with society, and use story and tales directed at children to express them. I have been looking at childrens books, and am interested in using DeMiddels technique to change my own story and make them contemporary.

Party, 2013/14
Party, 2013/14
Party, 2013/14










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