Liquid Light Tests

After creating my digital negatives, I then wanted to print them using the liquid light process. This is inspired by the work of Pol Godelaine and was learnt in the experimental workshops. I set up all the equipment needed and began creating test strips and test prints  in order to experiment with tone and contrast. It is a long process that requires a lot of patience, I spent a whole day in the dark room getting to grips with my images and how to get the best prints. These image are my scanned in liquid light tests, some are too dark, some are too faded, some the liquid light stated to come off as I didn’t dry them properly, there are many trial and errors but I needed to keep testing to get the right combination for my prints.

These are my initial test strips that I used to find the right timings to achieve the best tones in the images.

These images are further tests, I made larger prints once I had figured out the time I needed to expose each negative. I then experimented with the grade, and how much liquid light I applied to the paper in order to improve the contrast of the prints. Again, there was a lot of trial and error in this process as each piece of paper had different liquid light coverage and it was often hard to figure out what I needed to change due to the multiple different elements.

Once I thought that I had achieved the right combination of aspects, I made full size prints, although they are the same size as my final prints these are still test as I was still figuring out the different aspects of the method. In these large prints I felt like I was closer to achieving the aesthetic I wanted within the images but there was still minor changes I needed to make. I was still trying to perfect how much liquid light to apply, how long to expose them for, where certain parts needed burning, the right grade to use to get the right congrats level. There were so many steps in this process that it took so many tests to get it right. Once I got the right combination for each image I felt I was ready to try and produce a final print.


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