Liquid Light Prints

Throughout this project I have been experimenting with different means of photography and printing, the method the resinated with me the most was the liquid light process. not only was this the most interesting experiment to me, it also linked and reflected the theme of my project. For this unit I have looked at artists such as Francesca Woodman and Edward Honker, both of who created quite dark, eery images. By using their work as a influence to my own, it was easy to adapt their style to the liquid light technique. I also found artists that create similar work to these other photographers but uses liquid light as well,Pol Godelaine. With all these influences and an interest in the process from the start I knew that this technique was what I wanted to do. I experimented using this method throughout the project and created tests using digital negatives of my final images.

The liquid light process is very long and takes a lot of time and effort, it took me two days to print my final images.

Final Image – Invisible
Final Image – Invisible
Final Image – Invisible

These are scanned in copies of my final images. These images were shot in chatham house and reflect my theme of body image and having low body confidence. They convey my theme of wanting to hide your body, feeling ashamed of the way you look and feeling invisible to society if you don’t conform to their beauty standards. The liquid light print also express the concept behind my images, they reflect the desperation to hide your body, the imperfect prints mirror thee way that we feel our imperfection stand out and we let them take over our whole body and mind. The marks and lines on the prints give the images and abandoned kind of affect, an unloved uncared of aesthetic, this further develops my theme as when one stops loving their body they stop caring for it and begin to harm themselves metal and physically. The dark tones is creates also links well with my themeĀ because it is quite a dark and emotional subject, it shows the fragility of the mind and they way that the media and society can affect us. The images themselves as well as the liquid light effect reflect they work of all my studied artists, franciscan woodman is the main influence but they were also inspired by Edward Honaker, Estheam, and Pol Godelaine. I think that the images are successful in the way that they convey the messages and theme I waned this project to express, however I feel like I still have not perfected the liquid light technique and technically this let say images down. I would also liked to have produced more liquid light prints, my hopes were to have all six of my final images printed on liquid light, however the university ran out of the resources that I needed to do this, and due to money and time constraints I was unable to buy more liquid light myself. I would have liked to spent more time testing and experimenting and perfecting my liquid light prints, however this was physically not possible as I ran out of liquid light itself. Due to this I will hand in digitally printed images for my final assessment, although my project builds up to printing on liquid light, and it brings in the beyond photography aspect of the nit, I want to hand in the image that are the best quality. Despite not having the liquid light aspect to them, the digitally printed images still convey all of the themes and message that I wanted to convey within this work. If I was to develop this project further I would experiment even more with liquid light and learn how to perfect this printing method and maybe even look into other printing techniques similar to this one. I am disappointed with the outcome of this project as I couldn’t have my final prints in the technique that I hoped for, however I think that I have been successful in linking to my theme and my studied artists in my final images.


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