Exposure Plans

My initial plans for the exposure exhibition were to display my work in Chatham house, in he ares in which the images were taken, I wanted to do this to give the audience a clearer idea of the space in which my images were taken to fully express my themes and concepts behind the images. I first wanted to have the images printed on a large scale and have them hanging in the exact area on the house in which they were shot. However after shooting in Chatham House I realised this wouldn’t be possible as many of the areas in the house that were the best to shoot in whereat of bound to the public as they are unsafe. Another issue with this initial plan is that my group and I are not the only one exhibiting in Chatham House and I would have to work around the spaces that everyone else wanted. Obviously it wont be fair to the other photographs for me to exhibit in every room of the house.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 3.28.25 PM.png
My Prints In The Location In Which They Were shot.

Once in our exhibition groups I then decided I was going to still print my images on a large scale, but have them on a fake wall on the ground floor of Chatham House. My group and i would construct the fake wall as part of the exhibition space and the work of the other group members would be scattered around the same area in various places, as long as our work all flowed as an exhibition.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 3.03.30 PM.png
A Sketch-Up Of How Our Work Would All Look together.

However after receiver feedback from my peers and tutors I have decided to take yet more inspiration from Francesca Woodman’s work and exhibit my images on a small,  more intimate scale so the viewer has to get close to the image in order to view it properly. I have decided this because I think that It reflects the intimate nature of my theme. The images are personal and by exhibiting them using small prints it will create a connection to the viewer on a more personal level. This won’t affect my other group members as I won’t be taking up anymore space in our location and our work will still flow as a collective.

A5 Images In Oder Of Exhibiting.

I have the official role of treasurer in my exhibition group so I am in charge of finance and managing money, but as we are a team we are all helping do everything. Our exhibition title is ‘The Collective’ our reasoning is this, “The word “collective” stands for a group of people speaking in a collective voice about similar issues relating to emotions and human condition. We are exploring the concept of a human nature which is fragile and “unstable as dust”, in perpetual becoming. Our projects are part of a whole which is in the middle of terms of opposition: art and technology, horror and beauty.
We believe that the engaging aspect is found in the simplicity of the deepest feelings and emotions of the human nature. The latter is fleeting, and its identity is shifting. Our collective work aims to represent at the best the differences among us all, which still are bond by the same emotions and events life put us in front of.” This is the definition of our exhibition and was written and edited by the group as a ‘collective’.

Although we are all working together to create this exhibition, the work we are exhibiting is all our own and therefore we will all have a short bio on our group website explaining who we are and what our work is about.

“Imogen is 19 years old and a second year photography student at University. She studied art and photography all through school and has always expressed a passion for the creative arts. Imogen’s work consists mostly of portraiture, her main interest is photographing people and focussing on subject matters that are personal to her. For instance, her most recent work has a theme of body image and self confidence and her previous projects have been based around grief and loss. Imogen uses photography as a form of expression and as a way to bring attention to subjects that are personal to her and that many others can relate to.”


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