Test Shoot

Chatham House Test Shoot
Chatham House Test Shoot
Chatham House Test Shoot
Chatham House Test Shoot
Chatham House Test Shoot
Chatham House Test Shoot

These images are the most successful images from my initial test shoot. The shoot was inspired by the work of my researched artists, in particular Francesca Woodman. The images portray my theme of body image and self confidence in the way that I am trying to hide my body. The body language combined with the location represents the way that having low self esteem can make you feel lost, alone and invisible. I chose this location to reflect my theme, the derelict, unrestored house represents they way that people can feel about their bodies. When someone becomes low about the way that they look they can stop caring for their body and health and begin to treat themselves badly. An unloved body is like an unloved house, it can feel empty and lonely. My test shoot confirmed that ‘Chatham House’ is definitely the location that I want to shoot in. It has the exact aesthetic that I was looking for, and creates the early, dark, creepy mood that I wanted to achieve. It also happens to be one of the potential locations of the exhibition, and II think it would really add something to the images if they were exhibited where they were taken. Th image are all self portraits, I achieved this by shooting using tripod and a self timer.I wanted to use myself in my images because my project is really personal and I think that by using my own body is reflects the way that the issues portrayed in the images are this that effect me personally. I am happy with the images from this shoot, I think that they successfully convey my themes and reflect the work of my researched artists. I also love the location that I shot in and I will definitely use this for my final shoot. It works perfectly with my theme and the concept behind my images. I was also really easy to shoot in as I was granted access to all areas and was left to my own devices in the house where I was comfortable to shoot in the outfit worn in the images. I converted the images to black and white in the editing process because I felt that it suited my theme and the aesthetic of the images, I also thought that the colors of the walls, floors and other objects in the house distracted from the message that I wanted to portray. I think that this shoot was successful but in order to improve it next time I will look at doing longer exposures and having a blurred figure in the images. I think that in doing this it will further my idea of feeling invisible when you have low self esteem and it will relate more to the work of my researched artist, Francesca Woodman, Edward Honaker, Esthaem and Pol Godelaine.


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