Final Shoot


Chatham House Final Shoot
Chatham House Final Shoot
Chatham House Final Shoot
Chatham House Final Shoot
Chatham House Final Shoot

These are my final six images that I have chosen for this unit. I think that these images best portray the themes and messages that I want to convey, and are therefore the most successful of this project. They also link most closely to the work of my researched artists, such as the work of Francesca Woodman, Pol Godelaine and Edward Honaker. These images are all self portraits, I did this to further convey the fact that the issues in this project are personal to me. Contradictory to this I used long exposures and movements to blur my face, this reflects the way that although it is a personal theme to me, it is an issue that affects a lot of people and it could be anyone in the images.

The theme that I had running through this project was the them of body image and self confidence, I chose this because it is something that has affected me for a long time, and still does affect me today. I wanted this project to express the way that having low self esteem, and not loving your body can make you feel. In many cases the you can feel lost, alone and invisible to the world. If you and your body don’t conform to what society sees as beautiful, you can feel like you don’t fit in and be made to feel unimportant and invisible. This is the statement that I wanted to portray through this shoot. It was for this reason that I chose to do long exposures in order to blur my face and body, it represents the act of hiding your body, feeling ashamed and feeling invisible to society. It was also this reason that I choose this location, Chatham House is derelict and unrestored. Despite being in the process of restoration, many areas of the house look completely abandoned still. I used this to my advantage and chose the most derelict looking ares to shoot in. The idea of an abandoned house reflects the way that you can mistreat your body when you don’t love it. They say that you should treat your body as a temple, yet when you have low self esteem it can be hard to think positively about your body and you start to not care for it. The house has been unloved and left to deteriorate, this mirrors the actions taken when you have low body confidence. The images were converted to black and white in the editing process as i think that the colors in rehouse distracted from the way subject and the theme, black and white also suits the aesthetic of the images more and further links my work to that of the studied artists.

To explore the ‘Beyond’ aspect of this unit, I will create digital negative out of this images and print them using the liquid light technique we learnt in the workshops section of the unit. Not only does this link to the objective of the project, to use techniques that aren’t typical of this era of photography, but it also furthers the aesthetic of the images. The use of liquid light creates dark and gritty tones and textures, this technique also gives the images a certain mood and creates a dark atmosphere within them. This technique also continues the theme of being imperfect, when using this technique, you get lines and brushstrokes appear within the image. This represents the way that imperfections can make you beautiful, without these marks you would not know that it was the use of liquid light that created these images, and liquid light is an amazing and beautiful process. This mirrors the way that you wouldn’t be you without your imperfection and thatchy are what make you beautiful.

Overall I think that this series has successfully explored the themes and messages that I wanted to convey, I am happy with how the images turned out and how they reflect the work of the artists that inspired me. My final step is to make them into negatives and print using light emulsion to complete the series and fully get across my messages and statements about body confidence.


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