Esthaem is a young contemporary photographic artist and fashion photographer. He was born in 1992 in Austria. He studied and achieved a BA in graphic design and photography from the University of Art and Design Linz. In 2016 he was awarded the Vienna Photobook Review, shortlist.

Two of  Esthaems series that interest me the most are ‘Selected Works, 2015’ and ‘Fashion Selected Works.’ Both these series explore the themes of identity, intimacy and sexuality, he shoots mainly nude bodies in serene, dimly lit settings. Because of these surroundings, the way that light and shadows bounce of the bodies is a key aspect to his work. These series of images resinate with me the most because in my own own I want to look at the themes of identity, the body and self esteem, so by looking at the way that Esthaem shoots  I can take inspiration and ideas.

“With my photography I try to get a glimpse of who I am – as a human being as well as an artist. I purposely want my images to feel anonymous in a way, in order to help the viewer identify with them and maybe even find out a little bit about themselves.”

I love how the images are made to be so personal, even though the face is not visible in any of them. To me these images show someone who has conflict with their body, who perhaps has low self esteem and is conscious out their body. These images are simply about identity, and what identity means to the viewer. The images are personal to each individual, and what they mean to you shows who you are as a person and perhaps tells you what your insecurities are.


The images in ‘Fashion Selected Works’ hold the same connotations about self esteem and body image to me. Despite this, the images are different in the way that they incorporate fabric and material into the photographs. The use of fabrics in my work is something I have considered, I thought about doing this to help portray the ideas of low body confidence. I wanted to cover the body parts that I am most conscious about and these images have given me inspiration and ideas on how to do this, and what kind of fabrics to use.


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