Test Shoot 2

In this test shoot I wanted to experiment with shooting in my room with different lighting. I set up the lights in different angles and different settings to see which way I preferred.

Test Shoot 2.
Test Shoot 2.
Test Shoot 2.
Test Shoot 2.
Test Shoot 2.


The purpose of this shoot was not only to practice shooting on location, but also to play around with body positions and facial expressions. I wanted to find out how I could portray  each emotion and experiment with different looks. I converted the images to black and white in post production because after comparing the two I felt black and white helped portray the atmosphere that I wanted in my images. I like this test shoot as it helped me discover poses and lighting however after doing it I realised that I want to move the camera further back so its less invasive to the image, and I want to make it look more like the camera is looking in on a private moment rather than being close and intimate.


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