Lee Jeffries.

Lee Jeffries is a British photographer living in Manchester. He started out as a sports photographer, in a close circle with professional footballers, however, a chance encounter with a young homeless girl changed his photographic path.

He initially took a photograph of the girl, wrapped up in a sleeping bag, he knew that the girl had seen him and his first thought was to walk away, but something made him go over and start an interaction with the girl. This first encounter changed his perception of homeless people and they became the subject of his art. He has two series of portraits of homeless people across Europe and the states, ‘Lost Angels’ and ‘Homeless’.

All of the models in the images are homeless, yet he has started a conversation and has a connection with each of them. Jeffries will always ask the permission of the model before taking their photo and have compassion and want to learn about them. His art became about the convictions of the world.

Lost Angels
Lost Angels
Lost Angels
Lost Angels
Lost Angels
Lost Angels

Although I do love the concept behind Lee Jeffries images, it is not this that caught my attention and drew me to the images. It was the style of portraiture that interests me the most. The intense tones of the black and white, and the motion captured in each shot is something that I am inspired by. I want to use the intense, emotional provoking style in my own portraits. I will also take inspiration from the body language and facial expression of the models in the images, I love the way that Jeffries has intensified each line and imperfection and created a connection between the viewer of the image and the person in it.


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