Initial Ideas.

In order to begin this project we were given the task of reflecting on our previous work to see how far we had come and look at the ideas that we had begun to develop. By doing this we were able to see what kind of photography interests us the most, what had gone well and what could have been improved and how each of our units had developed. As I looked through my previous work, I realised that I had unintentionally used portraiture in all 3 of my past projects. It wasn’t until doing this that I even realise that I was interested in portraiture or that it was something that I wanted to pursue. Despite the differing starting themes, I had managed to submit portraiture as my final images for all of my units. Due to this I started to think about what kind of portraiture I wanted to progress with for the current project. As it is an individual project, I started to think of ways I can make it personal to me.

Until 2015 I had never known what it was like to loose someone close to me, but since easter of that year I have lost 4 members of my family, and have truly learnt what its like to grieve. I wanted to base this project on the ‘grieving progress’ and the different stages people go through. I want to capture the different emotions and ‘stages’ that people go through through portraiture.

I also had the idea of using a camera that was left to me by my granddad that was one of the people who passed away over the year. This is a Zenit analogue camera, I wanted to use it to make the project even more personal.


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