Final Images and Analysis

This series of images is my final piece for this unit. It is made up of seven images that are each made up of two photographs. These pairs of photographs represent the way that different building, structure and pieces of architecture make us feel. Each portrait is a demonstration of the emotions that are provoked by the building that it is paired with. The first image is a beautiful grand building in Chatham. The decorative patterns and shape of the building make it aesthetically pleasing to look at, despite being large and striking, it is grand and elegant. This is what I wanted my model to reflect in her pose for this photograph. I wanted her to stand strong  and tall, but also look graceful and have elegance in her pose. She is poised and beautiful, just like the building in the image next to her. The next image is the Velodrome in London’s Olympic Village, the smooth curves and lines of this building are something I wanted the model to reflect. The absence of sharp corners and edges make give the structure a relaxing atmosphere, it’s not intimidating or ugly, it is pleasing to look at and is an architectural beauty, I wanted the model to look graceful and relaxed in this imaged to mirror the calming affect the building has. Image three is the Orbital tower in London, it is big and grand and makes a statement. The enormous structure stands bold and strong, but is still elegant. This combination is what I asked of my model. She looks powerful due to her stance with separated legs, yet her twisted arms are as abstract as the building itself and her calm facial expression reflects the atmosphere of the building. The next image is the Pentagon shopping centre in Chatham, unlike the others, this building is harsh and bold. It is ugly, with sharp lines and edges, it has an intimidating feel as the height and width of it shadow anyone who is near, it has a tense and dark atmosphere. Being surrounded by these kinds of building can make people feel suffocated and trapped, this is what I wanted my model to demonstrate. Her body language implies that she is trying to break free, maybe to break free of the daily routine of being enclosed by these buildings. She needs freedom and to escape the huge skyscrapers that overpower her. Image five is of Rochester Cathedral, the church is a place that people go to feel free to be themselves, to relieve the pressures of daily life and be close to God. The photograph with this image is my model expressing that freedom. She has broken the restraints of daily life and is free to express her beliefs, and I have captured the exact moment that those emotions were released. The image after is the side of a multi-storey car-park in Chatham. The height and shape of the building makes is intimidating to look at, the strong straight lines make it bold and ugly. The intimidating feeling you get when looking at this kind go structure is what I wanted my model to portray with her body language. She is crippling over backwards, this makes her look weak and overpowered by the building, which is how some people feel when faced with these structures everyday. The last image of the series is the Olympic Aquatic Centre in London, this structure, designed by Zaha Hadid, is in the shape of a wave, and it created using smooth flowing lines, and soft curves. It has elegance and grace due to these smooth edges, much like the Velodrome structure. The models body language reflects the calming symbolism behind the wave shape, and is smooth and relaxing like the building itself. Behind the Aquatic Centre you can see the start of a busy London skyline, with tall skyscrapers and other buildings, these new development are the kind of building that you surrounded by in London. I chose to have my model facing away from the camera in this image to reflect the way that she is trying to ignore the typical city building and embrace the beautiful architecture of Zaha Hadid.

All of these images have been inspired by my different studied artists, architects and psychologists and represent the way that we as people are affected by the building that surround us.


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