For this project I chose the theme of architecture. To find inspiration for this, I started to study and research different architects, I wanted to to find architects who have created different and interested designs and play with unusual shapes and lines. The architects that I came across were Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, and Renzo Piano, I found their work particularly interesting because of their use of abstracts lines and striking shapes. With my initial research based on architects themselves, I decided to look at photographers who focus on architecture and structures in their work. I wanted to look at the relationship that people have with different buildings, in doing this I found artists such as Vivienne Sassen, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Cameron R Neilson and Simona Panzironi. These photographers all work in very different ways, but it was the contextual reasoning behind their images that I was interested in. I wanted to find photographers who were interested in human’s relationships with the architecture around them. My work has been inspired by all these artists but the one who stood out the most for me was Cameron R Neilson. He looked into the psychological influences that buildings have on people and that led me onto my own research into the psychology surrounding buildings. I found articles and texts that discuss the ways that the building we are surrounded by affect our mental and physical health. After looking into this, and finding out the ways that we are affected by different buildings, I started to look at portrait photographers that express emotions in their work. I studied the works of Alexander Yakovlev and Lois Greenfield, both these artist express emotions through movement of the body, and capture the exact moment that these emotions are released. I also look at the photographer Irving Penn, and looked at the ways in which he shoots in a studio environment, I took inspiration from his famous portraits and used simple lighting in a studio setting. I decided that I wanted to show the connection between people and buildings in my work, and express the emotions that architecture provokes within people.  I did this by combining architectural shots and portraiture, I experimented with different ways to display the separate images, and decided to simply present them next one and other as single photographs that create an image together. My final series is made up of seven images, each one made up out of two photographs, and portrait and an architectural shot. I wanted to portrait to portray the emotions that are provoked by the building that it is paired with. So buildings that are tall and overpowering, city buildings that are built for practicality rather than to be visually pleasing, are paired with images of my model looking weak and intimidating, or images where she looks trapped and trying to break free. I wanted to show the affects that being surrounded by large skyscrapers and enclosing buildings have on people. I also paired images of beautiful building such as churches, with photographs of my model having the freedom to express herself, the psychological research I did led me to understand that being in an environment with smaller, spread out buildings makes you more relaxed and less tense as a person.


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