Updated Shoot Ideas

Due to developments in my research, my final shoot ideas have varied slightly. Whilst researching more into my ideas I found texts and articles that discuss the psychological way that different types of building affect people, this slightly changed the direction that I wanted to take my project. I found a text that explored the explored the different emotions that people feel when surrounded by different buildings. In the text it discussed the difference in emotions that large, city building create in comparison to smaller, spread out building in rural towns and the country side. It explained that when surrounded by skyscrapers and very tall building people can feel under greater pressure and more tense, affecting their mental and physical health. However the affects are the opposite when in an environment with low, spread out buildings, it creates a relaxed atmosphere. I wanted the models in my images to express this through their body language. I want the  to express the emotions provoked in a physical way, I want to capture the physical release of the emotions that the different building cause. I have also slightly changed the way that I will shoot in the studio, this has changed due to research into Irvin Penn’s photography. I looked at the way that he creates an atmosphere with sets in his portrait work. I have been inspired by the way that Penn used lighting and set to create enclosed tight atmosphere and made the subject interact with the space. I think that creating different spaces within the studio environment will help to portray the psychological meaning behind the poses of my model.


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