Simona Panzironi

Simona Panzironi is an Italian born photographer living and working in Rome. She has a masters degree in photography with she earned at the Scuola Romana Di Fotografia in San Lorenza,  Rome. It was her that she developed a passion for architectural and portrait photography, in which she researches the essence of what surrounds us. Panzironi’s work has been described as ‘A deep research on surfaces and urban spaces without any human presence’. Her architectural work is focused on looking for shapes, proportions, the play of light, full and empty spaces and the harmony of sinuous lines, by combining all these features, Panzironi creates abstract images and challenges reality. It has been said that her aim is to record reality as recording real places, searching for the composition minimalism in a  contrast between black and white, lines, angles and volumes. “It’s an architectural abstraction which express a dream for grandeur” – Simona Panzironi.

Within her collection of architectural images, she has created multiple series of each building she has photographed. She shows each building in many different ways, abstracting the shapes and lines within it and exploring ever angle.

Architecture- Simona Panzironi.

All of these series of images have a  recurring theme of contrasting dark and light tone, made even more affective by the use of black and white images. This collection of series interests me because of the way in which Panzironi has captured the same building multiple times but all the images look completely different. I love the way she has used different angles to abstract the building making it unrecognisable to the others images in the same series. In particular the images of the series ‘Valencia – Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias’, I love the way she has captured the strong lines of these symmetrical images. The way in which Panzironi abstracts realist is something I find fascinating and something that I hope to be able to incorporate into my own work.


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