Shoot Ideas

For my final shoot I will take inspiration from all the artists and architects that I have studied over the course of this project. In doing this I hope to incorporate both architecture and portrait photography into my final piece. My final piece that I will present will be all about the way different architecture and building make people feel, and the emotions that they provoke. To demonstrate this visually I will present two photographs side by side to create each image. One photograph will be a portrait of my model expressing their emotions through movement, inspired by the way that Lois Greenfield and Alexander Yakovlev work, both these artists work with dancers to capture a single moment in time of emotions being expressed. I hope that these images will be striking and bold and will clearly represent the emotions that I am trying to portray. Presented next to each of these portraits will be an image of the building or structure that is provoking these emotions. The way I will take these images will be inspired by photographers like Hiroshi Sugimoto and  Simona Panzironi, and the type of building that I will photograph will be those that resemble the work of architects such as Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry and Renzo Piano. I hope to use the photographers different techniques of abstracting the buildings within the images to show them in the light that I want them to be seen. Through abstracting the buildings using different angles you can provoke different emotions within the viewer and attach different emotions to each building. I chose these architects to look at because I wanted to study structures that already have interesting shapes and lines and have metaphorical inspiration behind them.

I hope to present my images in this way, with the body of the model reflecting the shapes and lines of the buildings.

If the buildings are strong bold structures I want the body language of the model to reflect that and be as striking as the architecture itself.

But if the lines of the structure are soft and curved I want the model to show that in her movements. I want to show the way that building make us feel through the body of a woman.


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