Research Task Three.

Throughout this project I have been exploring the different sides of ones identity, and what it takes to make up a person identity. In doing this I have used research tasks and been influenced by other photographers work to find inspiration for my own final images.

During the research tasks I used the briefs given to explore different aspects and interpretations of identity. In the first task I used the work of Cecil Beaton and Francis Galton to explore the concepts of characterisation and physical likeness. For the second task I compared two different sets of images that I found in the media to explore the issues of race, gender and class, and the ways in which media affects our identity.

After doing the research tasks I was still finding it difficult to decide what identity meant to me. I then realised that my personal identity is made up of, where I am from, how I was bought up and the people I had around me. I decided to base my own work on the way where people are from changed their identity. To do this I started looking for photographers that incorporates landscapes and location shots into portrait work.

Whilst searching for photographers to inspire me, I came across Dan Montford, Jon Duenas and Andre De Freitas. All of these artists use the technique of double exposure to express the way that the environment around us affects who we are as a person. After comparing and looking at all three artists I decided that the best way for me to express my views on identity was to use this technique of double exposures and incorperate an influence from each one of the photographers to create my own photographs.

My final work is made up of 4 Images, each one is a double exposure of a studio portrait and a location shot of architecture in the local area. The 4 models in my images are all students who now live in the area, I wanted the photographs to represent the way that their new life and new environment is shaping who they are. The area in which they now live and their reasons for moving there are shaping their identities and changing who they are. I made these images in the dark room, by shooting on a Bronica film camera and overlaying the negatives to create images that have been double exposed.

I found this unit challenging as it took me a long time to find inspiration and a concept that reflected the way I feel about identity and what it means to me. Although I am pleased with the outcome of my final images, I think that if I was to do it again, I would spend more time practicing and perfecting the double exposure technique. I feel this was because i think that my final images could have been stronger and more striking if I had given myself more time to learn the technique.


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