Jon Duenas

Jon Duenas is a fashion and editorial photographer, his creativity spurred from illustration as a child, and grew to a love of music. He then went on to take an interest in photography when finding old film cameras in second hand shops. He style became based around fine art portraiture as his passion started to grow, he is now a minimalist fashion photographer with a long list of passed clients; Next Models, LA Models and Yume Magazine for example.

The series of work that inspires me the most is his collection “Deux”. This is a series of double exposure photographs featuring both portraiture and nature. His images vary from the abstract arts, to simple black and white double exposures, but nearly all of his work has the recurring theme of nature, featuring trees, flowers and landscapes.

Jon Duenas 4
Jon Duenas, Deux.

This image is one on Duenas more abstracts photographs in this series. The bright tones of the roses are overpowering in comparison with the soft tones of the girls skin and face. Her naked body represents vulnerability and femininity,while the roses signify beauty and love, the overlaying of the two creates and beautiful image of feminine strength. While I hope to use the same technique as Duenas with the double exposures, my work will be less abstract and will not feature colour.

jon duenas 3.jpg
Jon Duenas, Deux. 

The image above is one of my favourite images of this series, the aspects that I favour are the simplicity of the black and white,  and the soft tones of the landscape combined with the dark tones in the girls hair. I like how this image is less abstract and more simply beautiful, the long landscape is a clearer representation of how I want my own work to look when inspired by Duenas. I like how the contrasting tones between the girl and the field make the model the focal point of the image, drawing your eyes into her. The way the trees completely cover the girls face could be representative of the way she wants to disappear, slip away of reach society and the modern world to be absorbed in nature.

Despite differing themes in my own work and Duenas series, I hope to achieve the same double exposures that he used in his images. I want to use the techniques that he has used and make them my own by expanding the environment theme and making them about the environment we live in.


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