Dan Mountford

Dan Mountford is a young photographer and designer, born in 1993 in Bedfordshire England. He now lives in Brighton, England and studied graphic design at the University of Brighton; he graduated in 2014.

Mountford has a large collection of different series of photographs and illustrations, the series that interests me the most is his photographic series, Double Exposures, 2010-2011. This series is a collection of images that are all double exposures, the images themselves vary, however there is a large portion of them that are portraits double exposed with buildings and landscapes. Mountford’s abstract images blur the lines between fiction and reality, and incorporate his graphic design background.

This image from his series shows how he uses the different exposures to combine landscapes and portraiture. This image hold dream like qualities, the way in which the architecture is appearing in place of her head could represent memories that she holds, or desires that she has. The geometric lines and shapes in the image incorporate the passion he has for graphic design, and also inclose her face in the image, she appears to be trapped within the triangular shapes. The way her face in fading into the lines could mirror the way that she feels trapped within her fantasies, or the desperation to hold on to losing memories. The technique that has been used in this image is something that I want to try and incorporate into my own work, expressing emotion though landscape and portraits, and the connection that the two have.

Dan Mountford, Double Exposures. 

The image below is one of my favourite photographs of the series. I prefer the natural way these images appear to have been bond, it is less abstract and to me this image represents reflection, self reflection or reflecting on times gone by; the discovery of oneself. I love the way in which the images have been exposed, carefully blending the two images together, there is no distinct lines between the two images and the merging of these photographs is something will influence my own work. The soft tones of her hair blend effortlessly with the cloudy sky of the landscape, this continues the sense of a dream-like fantasy.

Dan Mountford, Double Exposures. 

Mountford’s series has inspired me hugely, the technique of double exposures is one that I want to continue to use in my own photographic work and it is using this collection of images that will inspire me. However i hope for my own work to be less abstract than some of Mountford’s images, creating a softer merging of two images with less harsh lines.


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