Andre De Freitas

Andre De Freitas is an illustrator and photographer, born and raised  in Peru, he attended Full Sail University and got a degree in computer animation. A lot of Freitas work is based around illustration and computer animation, however he does have a few photographic series. Nearly all of his photographic work features portraits and he also has a series of double exposure portraiture images, these portraits are double exposed with varying things, but a  recurring theme is cityscapes, towns, and landscapes.

andre de freitas 3.jpg
Andre De Freitas, Double Exposures. 

The image above features a young girl double exposed with a city skyline, the soft tones of the child’s skin contrasting with the dark tones of the city make this image striking and make a clear divide between the girl and the city. The young girl has pale tones, a lot of whites and light grey, the mirrors the innocence that she carries, so much to learn and so pure, whereas the dark skyline represents a modern commercialised world. I love the concept behind the two exposures of a portrait of someone and a landscape of where they are from. I think this ties in with the theme of identity that i am exploring in this photographic unit.

andre de freitas.jpg
Andre de Freitas, Double Exposures. 

The image above is my preferred photograph of this series, I find the way that the architecture divides her face fascinating. The light and dark tones of the building exposed over the face could represent a divide in emotions, it raises the question of what this building means to the girl? Alternatively the building could be in the girls mind, an aspiration of hers, but she cannot decide on which path to take. I love the way that in this image,  although they are merged, the two photographs are clear in their own way. The portrait is still clear and striking against the white background tones, and the building although merged with her face, still stands out and against her skin, and creates a dynamic shape in the photograph.

I hope to use the influence of Freitas work in my own images, I love the concept of merging portraits and landscapes of the environment around the person. I believe that where a person is raised, or where they live now can affect their identity, and this is the concept that I want to explore in my own images.


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