Visual Practice- Reflective Journal Task One

Venetia Scott

Venetia Scott is a London based stylist and photographer. Her Career started in 1997 when she became a consultant for Marc Jacobs, and went on to be the creative designer in 2001. As a stylist Scott worked for renowned magazines and clients such as ‘Self Service’, ‘British Vogue, ‘The Face’ and ‘i-d’. Her work as a photographer began in 2005, and she soon started collaborations with many other famous photographers, Corrine Day and David Sims for example, as well as her ex-husband Juergen Teller, who she married in 1990 and divorced in 2003. Since then she has worked as a photographer and stylist for many magazines and clients that are well-known across the world, ‘Moschino’, Orla Kiely, and ‘Club Monaco’ are just a few examples.

Venetia Scott- I-D, Pre Fall 2014

A specific series of images created by Scott that I am interested by is her 2012 campaign for ‘Self Service’ magazine ‘The Now’. In this series Scott photographs women in a working environment, some images feature the models in office-wear and other show them wearing just lingerie. The reason that these particular images interest me is because of the controversial subject. There has always been an issue of sexualising women in the work place, for years women have felt over sexualised and like they are less valued than their male colleagues, especially in the business environment. I believe that it is a key fact that these images were taken by a women, i think that if the photographer had been a man, they would come with very different connotations and be viewed in a different way. If Scott was a male, there would be accusations of sexualising women and their bodies and the images would not be taken seriously. However because the photographer is a fellow woman,the images represent the strength and power of woman in the workplace in this day and age. The photographs represent the contrast between how woman used to be seen in society to how they are now.

Venetia Scott- Self Service No37, ‘The Now’.

The two images i find most striking are the two below from ‘Self Service No37’.  I particularly like these two because I believe that they have a strong message about women in the work place. In one image the model is in her underwear at a desk, the environment she is in is cramped and messy, it is like she is hidden away, hiding behind her work. Her body language also shows a loss of dignity, her shoulders and forward and her arms across her body making her look vulnerable. This represents the way that women who are sexually harassed at work are made to feel, they are made to feel trapped and alone, and these are old fashioned views on women. The other photo shows the same model (Karlie Kloss), dressed in stylish office-wear, her body language shows power, dignity and strength and the environment around her is clean, efficient and ready for business. The contrast between these two images really captures the contrasting views that i think Scott wanted to portray.

Venetia Scott- Self Service No37, ‘The Now’.
Venetia Scott- Self Service No37, ‘The Now’.

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