Contextual Studies- Reflective Journal Task Four


Juergen Teller- This photograph  is a fashion shot taken by Juergen Teller. It has been constructed in a way that give a connection between the viewer and the model. This is due to the way that the model is engaging with the camera, the lines of the body draw the eye of the viewer to her face making it the focal point of the image. There is a contrast between the model and the environment that she is in, she appears to be laying on a bed, however the clothes that she is wearing are not designed for this interior, she does not fit in this environment.
Roe Ethridge-  This is a image used for ‘Another Magazine’ in 2015, despite it clearly being set in a interior environment, the striking red background appears to be pushing the model out of the image. It is not a image that is relaxed and natural, with contrasts with the natural connotations that go with the compost bag in place of a pillow and the floral design on the models suit. The compost could reflect the way the model is growing and developing, or it could be interpreted in a way that shows the model as being stuck there, planted in one place and unable to explore the outside world.
Inez and Vinnodh- Yves Saint Laurent AW10
Inez and Vinnodh- In this pair of image by Inez and Vinnodh the model appears to be a part of the environment around her. Her body language replicates the strong, bold structure surrounding her. She is statuesque, the legs are strong and tense, and the facial expressions helps portray the same idea, the lifting g of the chin and the expressionless face helps create the idea that she is part of the structure, almost unaware that there is any else there.
Deborah Turbeville
Deborah Turbeville- As the viewer of  this photograph you are outside of a space looking in. The image is dark and the black tones express a fear of the unknown. As the viewer you are looking into the interior space, however in the image there is a figure looking out into the outside space.This creates contrasting idea that the viewer is drawn into the space and the figure shows desperation to get out.
Martin Parr
Martin Parr- This image of Martin Parr takes the concept of Inside/Outside to a physical level. It is constructed in a way that the viewer is inside, looking outside, into another interior. There are contrasting themes in this photograph, as although as the viewer we are inside, the floral wallpaper and green curtains denote connotations of nature and being outside. However when looking outside there is a man made structure that is designed solely for human inhabitation, and there are very little natural aspects.
Francesca Woodman
Francesca Woodman- This is image is constructed in a way that the does not know whether the model is inside and trying to escape, or if she is outside and trying to get in. The photographer has left it to the viewer to decide who they interpret these contrasting ideas. The model shows a vulnerability that makes the viewer empathise with her, this is created by the way her body is bare, and the way she appears to be hiding herself in the wall.
Edward Weston
Edward Weston- This image by Edward Weston is abstracted by how close up the photograph was taken. Despite being of a object usually found in an interior space, the curves and bends of the toilet mimic those of natural, growing plants and foliage. The dark dirty background of the image also mirrors that of an exterior environment.
Tina Modotti
Tina Modotti- This work by Tina Modotti is of a stairway in a interior environment. The geometric lines and shapes make the image abstract and reflect the man made nature of the building. There are no soft lines or curves like those reflected in nature and the outside space, it is all sharp corners and constructed lines. These lines draw the eyes of the viewer round the bend in the stairs, there is a spiral constructed in the image that creates a flow, the leading lines draw the viewer in.
William Eggleston
William Eggleston- Eggleston has created a photograph that despite being inside appears to be a natural environment. The way the shoes are scattered under the bed, the dark environment and the nuetral colours all link to the idea of being outside. Shoes have a clear link to the outside for the obvious reasons that shoes are to be worn when outside, the way the image is dark and the colours are all browns and beiges also represent the outside, it mirrors a dark cave, the stone, the mud and earth all hidden away.  There is a contrast between it clearly being a photograph of an interior space but there being so many links to the outside and nature.
Uta Barth
Uta Barth- This pair of images show the inside of a space and the outside being blocked out. The hand in the images could be either opening the curtains to reveal the outside or closing them to shut it out. One of the images has been inverted, i think that this represented the positives and negatives of the outside, there is a fear of the unknown in these images, yet the light tones of the second images reflect the curiosity of the viewer, the need to know what is behind the curtains.
Charlie Engman
Charlie Engman- In this set of portraits Engman has used a model to express contrasting ideas. in then first image the model seems disconnected from the camera, her body language looks weak and tired, her head is down making it difficult to see her face. This could be to express a vulnerability, a fear, a way to keep herself hidden. However in the second image she is engaging with the camera and her chin is lifted showing power and strength. There is a similarity between the two images though in the way that the model appears to be a part of the interior surrounding her in both photographs, in the first image the clothing worn by the model matches the environment around her, she blends into the background, this also represents vulnerability. In the second image the models clothing is worn by the chair as well as her, making them one item, a part of one and other. This link to the model and the space around her could show that she is trapped there, or that she has chosen to be there and wants to stay there.
‘Inside/Outside’ is both a conceptual and physical idea, creating a feeling of being outside whilst inside, and portraying the inside while outside is something many photographers achieve. Take for example Roe Ethridge’s image for ‘AnOther Magazine 2015’, it is clear to the viewer that the model is in an interior environment, however there are aspects of the outside bought in. There is a use of outside objects used in place of normal interior items, the replacement of a pillow with a bag of compost for example, also, despite the model laying down and being inside, they sharp red background looks to be pushing her out. it i uneasy for the viewer to look at, it is not a relaxed natural photograph, Ethridge has done all this to show the way that you can be in an interior and still feel like you’re being pushed out or that you’re an outsider. This also plays with the idea that you can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely. This is a concept reflected in Francesca Woodman’s work, ‘Retrospectiva’. She investigates the idea of feeling alone, or trapped in an interior, in this image we see a girl enclosed behind wallpaper, as a viewer, we don’t know if she is growing out of the wall like something natural, coming into the interior space, or if she is escaping the inside out trying to be freed to the outside. There are many aspects of Woodman’s photograph that have natural connotations, the fact that the girl is naked for example, this shows a vulnerability, perhaps she is scared of the outside, scared to show herself, another example is the natural pattern on the wallpaper, this could represent the way she is growing, yet she is still holding on.

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